How to get rid of unwanted hair

How to get rid of unwanted hair

How to get rid of unwanted hair at a low cost
Having unwanted body hair can be an embarrassing thing for you, though there is nothing wrong with body hair, most people prefer to get rid of them. So here are few hair removal methods that are used most commonly these days. You can choose any option by just comparing the cost, result duration and the pain involved while undergoing the procedure.

By shaving

Shaving is a common method to get rid of body hair. It uses a manual blade or an electrically powered blade to cut off the protruding parts of the hair but not the hair roots that are embedded deep within the skin.

It is a cost effective method. You can have a clean shave by buying a razor for about $1, and a natural soap might be just fine with it. The pain associated with it is minimal unless you cut yourself. Therefore, proper care should be taken while shaving. Duration of the outcome lasts only for one to three days, and then the hair grows back again.

By using depilatory cream

This method involves using a type of cream that dissolves the hair. The cream is smeared over the required area and is left off to settle down for a few minutes. Next, an ordinary cloth is taken to wipe it away. This procedure removes most of the hair. There is no pain associated with the method usually, but if you experience any discomfort, then, you should immediately stop using that particular cream. It is also cheap to use and can be bought for a price as low as $2 at any local pharmacy or drug store. The results don’t last very long, about three or four days so you will need to repeat the procedure at least two times a week.

By sugaring

As the name spells it out, this method involves using of a paste containing sugar. The paste is smeared over the hair, like depilatory cream, and left there for about 1 minute, following which a piece of paper is put on top of the wax, pull in the opposite side of the hair growth. A considerable amount of pain is involved in this method. The paste can be prepared at home with proper knowledge of its ingredients and is, therefore, cost effective. It pulls the hair from its roots. As a consequence, you will get a smooth skin, the effect of which lasts for about three to six weeks.

By waxing

This is the most painful form of hair removal method. The method involves applying a particular kind of wax on the hairy area and allowing it to settle down. Then, the wax is removed either by using tissue strips or cloth strips along with the hair. Pain associated with this method is the highest, but with time, you will end up getting used to it. You can, however, reduce the pain by using a numbing cream. To get the task accomplished by professionals, you will have to shell out about $20 or more; having said that, there are inexpensive waxing kits available in the market that can help you wax at home. The results last for about three to six weeks.

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