Does laser hair removal hurt – How long does laser hair removal last

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A guide to locating the Best laser hair removal clinic

If you have a dense growth of body hair and tweezing or waxing is not sufficient for you, then, laser hair removal might be the best option for you. This method takes the help of a laser that burns out the hair roots or hair follicles and prevents hair from growing again.
However, this procedure also involves a tremendous amount of risks. Laser light can even cause skin cancer if it is allowed to damage the skin. It is henceforth imperative to select the proper equipment or a reputed clinic to carry out the required procedure. If you have no Idea about laser hair treatment, reading these few points will help you choose the best option, the next time.

Check the credentials of the staff involved

Working with lasers requires care and precision which takes many years of practice to master. So before you select a laser hair removal clinic, first ask them to hand you the list of professionals they have. It will be a better clinic if it has doctors to carry out the procedures. If the clinic has got nothing to hide than they would not make any excuses and will disclose the credentials of their staff to you.

If only technicians are involved, then find out whether they have proper training. Ask the clinic for their details and check them on your own. If you happen to choose a clinic online, then, select the one with the best and largest number of good reviews and Facebook page likes.

Establishment date and years in business

Even though new clinics offer new equipment and competitive pricing, it’s better to select an old reputed clinic. Because these people have much experience in this job and will be able to help you with all kind of side effects that might occur due to the procedure. Therefore before you select a clinic and pay for it find out the date of establishment. Choose a clinic that is running its business for at least a span of ten years.

Check whether they offer lifetime membership

Even though laser hair removal clinics can guarantee 98% of their clients, a silky smooth skin but hair may grow back for some people. Since laser treatment is a bit expensive, therefore, it is better if you can get life time membership while making your payment. This option will not be offered by many but choosing such a clinic can help you to save your hard earned money in the long run.

Ask them for the skin types and hair colors they treat

Laser treatment requires precise lasers to treat for various hair and skin colors. The Alexandrite laser is only good for the light skin, and for the dark skin, YAG laser is required. Although it is possible to treat all types of hair, certain clinics might not have the laser forms required for you particular skin or hair color. So make sure you know your hair and skin color first. Then, ask them whether they have the necessary equipment for the same. If they have both the YAG and Alexandrite lasers, then go for it.

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